Some exciting guests

This week we’re house sitting for some guinea pigs.


They’re surprisingly easy to care for. Five minutes in the morning to feed them, change their water, clean the cage, and turn on the lights, Five minutes in the evening to make sure they haven’t eaten each other, and turn off the lights.

But I’m not the only one who’s interested in them.


Maggie does not know what to make of this. She loves the smell. Her terrier brain says there is something to hunt. But she just won’t enter.

Here she is two minutes later.



Actually she has been in the room. She stares at them cage. I think she can discern them from the rest of the cage, because she went into her play pose on the first day.

Now, she doesn’t want to go on walks — she wants to see the guinea pigs. She doesn’t want to go to bed — she wants to see the guinea pigs.

Summary: I ❤ Maggie. Still.


3 responses to “Some exciting guests

  1. MAGGIE! Good girl.

  2. YAY Mags!!! Those are interesting – they’re *your* dogs!

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