White Elephant Gift Exchange Party with Style.

Tasked with organizing a New Year’s white elephant/gift exchange party, I had the idea of creating specialty tickets for the participants.

I started with a ticket template I found on the web.


With a little work I put together something basic but unsatisfying.


So I found a white elephant image online,white-elephant

… and came up with this nice ticket template.


Next I turned it into a set of sheets,


sliced them into pairs,


folded them down the middle.


and then scored them along the middle, to make them easy to detach later on.


Finally I numbered the pairs on the back.

IMG_20140102_192233    IMG_20140102_192254

All ready for the gift exchange! Here was my test piece.


The idea of the tickets is as follows: everyone writes their name on both tickets in a pair, then separates them and keeps one. The caller pulls tickets one at a time and reads out the name, thereby determining order. (The numbers on the back are for those people who can’t bother to actually follow instructions.)

I already hear you complaining.
“You know, one ticket per person would be much more efficient.”

Style, baby, style.


3 responses to “White Elephant Gift Exchange Party with Style.

  1. OMG you know Joe Biden??

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