Where’s home?

A friend of mine is writing a blog post and wants to reference my web presence. For the first time in almost 20 years I don’t have a good answer:

  • I shut down my facebook account
  • My tweets are protected
  • The cross-post to Google+ post is the first in 8 weeks (though I use Google’s internal Google+ daily)
  • This is the first update to my blog in three years
  • I will not use LinkedIn to talk to strangers
  • My github profile is fairly inactive
  • My web hosting domain has expired

There’s no answer to this. But it sure is peculiar.


2 responses to “Where’s home?

  1. If you hadn’t said your tweets were protected I’d probably be following you around now. Mostly just because Tanya tends to have excellent taste in people. I’m saoili on there if you feel like letting a pseudo-randomer in 🙂

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